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REPCO’s New Fabrication Shop July 13, 2011

Research Products Company’s Flour Service Group has always been anchored by our ability to build custom Ingredient Feeder Systems and Flour Chlorination Systems for our Milling Customers. Since 1972 when Research Products Company established the Flour Service Group we have had a Fabrication shop where this equipment is assembled and full inventory of repair parts are stocked. As a service company, we stock parts for every piece of equipment that we sell and supply under the terms of our service agreements. This supports our business model in that we can get any part to our customers within 24 hours of their request. A well equipped Fabrication Shop and highly qualified shop technicians have been integral to our success.

Times have changed since Research Products Company first began providing equipment. We offered one Feeder the Model 70 and One Pressure Chlorination System which we later called Model 700 and no longer exists. We now offer 4 Different Models of Feeders along with multiple types of Motor and Scale Controls for each Feeder. We also have 2 different Vacuum Chlorination Systems and recently installed our 2nd Temper Water Chlorination System. In 2010 we installed our first Self Rise Feeder Systems, for self rise flour ingredients, which require very high capacity Feeders and Bulk Bag Discharging stations. All of these equipment offerings along with the increased need for warehouse and future production space necessitated the search for larger Fab Shop.

In November 2010, we purchased a 17,750 sq.ft. building with approximately 7,000 sq. ft. dedicated for Fabrication Shop and 10,000 sq. ft. for future expansion. The remaining square footage is office space and utility storage. Office Space was modified to better fit our requirements and the interior of the building got a facelift to bring up to the standards of Research Products Company. All Fabrication shop operations were moved in December 2010 to the new location.

The new Fabrication Shop allows the Flour Service Group to function very well. With the truck loading dock, equipment can be shipped directly and the abundant floor space allows for staging of equipment when we are working on large installation projects. The head height and floor space will also allow us to build larger pieces such as Bulk Bag Frames and preassemble before shipment. The Warehouse side of the new Fabrication Shop creates more storage and expansion potential. Ultimately, the purchase of the new Fabrication Shop has given Research Products Company the flexibility it needs to expand our production capabilities to meet our growth projections over the next 5 years.

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