REPCO® develops and sells specialty technical ingredients for your bakery needs. Our products range from high-performance improvement to natural, clean label conditioning to completely customized solutions.

Whether you need stability, volume, emulsification or shelf-life extension, we have the right product for you.

  • Clean Label (CL) – Concentrated blends for clean label performance improvement. Concentrated improvers are label friendly. Primarily composed of flour, enzymes, and ascorbic acid, these products target bakeries which can scale smaller amounts in order to save money.
  • Artisan-Bake – Designed for artisan and hearth breads to provide mild improvement. These improvers are designed for longer processes and pre-ferments. They provide a basic level of improvement and stability for artisan bakers.
  • Natural Bake (NB) – Natural and bromate-free improvers at diluted and easier-to-scale dosages. Composed of flour, enzymes, ascorbic acid, and sometimes other natural ingredients, these are for the majority of small to mid-sized bakeries.
  • Traditional Conditioners and Customized Bases – Maximum performance blends using all available technology.
  • Organic Bake – Certified organic improvers for organic bakeries. They’re all natural and non-GMO. There are a couple of product options based on product and concentration.
  • ESL and Ultimate ESL – for shelf-life extension and anti-staling.
  • Bases – Larger usage items that include multiple components like salt, sugar and calpro. They allow bakers to reduce the scaling demands to a 1-product addition.

Lastly are the single ingredient replacement products. These are designed to be mono-functional with a sole purpose. Items like NDS, EZ Stretch and BR are designed to replace or reduce gluten, L-cysteine and bromate respectively. These replacement products can mimic functionality while either reducing cost or cleaning up a bread label.

There are many different types of bread products; a one-size fits all improver would not maximize performance. We have listed several categories of breads and which of our products perform best in each category.

  • White Pan Breads
    • Clean/Natural: CL-250, NB 100, NB 350, NB 1000, Organic-Bake 250C
    • Non-natural: HK 750, HK 908, HK 920CX
    • Bases & Dairy: Reliable CL, Whey conditioners
  • Whole Wheat/Multigrain Pan Breads
    • Brandywine Rye Base
  • Buns and Rolls
    • Similar to Pan Bread
  • Frozen Dough
    • BR 120
  • Artisan and Hearth-Style Breads
    • Artisan-Bake 250, AB Fresh 250, AB 125, NB100, Organic Bake Hearth 2500
  • Bagels
    • NB 250
  • Flatbreads, Tortillas and Pizzas
    • Pizza 350, ESL 1.5
  • Sweet Breads and Croissants
    • NB 300