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Cool Solutions™ by REPCO Bakery Solutions




Stability, volume, and strength in Artisan style breads.

AK 120

AK 120 is a cost-efficient enzyme concentrate that provides dough strength, water absorption, oven spring and tolerance to bread, rolls and other yeast raised products. Using a synergistic blend of strengthening enzymes, AK 120 eliminates the need for ADA.

BR 120

BR 120 is a label friendly, no-time dough conditioner containing a synergistic blend of ascorbic acid, enzymes and inactive yeast. BR 120 will provide the strength, extensibility, and oven spring that will match the performance of conventional no time dough conditioners and is especially effective in frozen dough applications.

CL 260

CL 260 is a label friendly conditioner designed to improve strength, oven spring, and tolerance of bread, rolls, and other yeast raised products.

Pizza 10,000

Pizza 10,000 is a proprietary blend for pizzas and flatbread designed to improve strength, extensibility, and resiliency in frozen and refrigerated dough. Replacement of DATEM and SSL is also possible.

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Label-friendly dough conditioners and extraordinary enzyme technology that master the Art of Baking.

Clean. Simple. World-class ingredients. Our baking solutions positively impact your bakery's bottom-line while meeting the consumer's cravings for a clean label lifestyle.


Bakery-worthy Solutions. Performance as Promised.


Trusted since 1946, REPCO has earned a global reputation for serving goodness. At REPCO Bakery Solutions, we work very closely with bakers to strategically develop innovative baking solutions that bring exceptional texture, extended shelf life, and astonishing simplicity to delicious baked goods. REPCO is positioned to meet your blending requirements while providing the highest degree of service, reliability and outstanding customer support.


Functional | Creative | Time-Effective



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