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Dough relaxation for breads, rolls, pizza, flat breads, pastries, and tortillas.

EZ Stretch 400

EZ Stretch 400 is a natural replacement for L-cysteine. Use rate is one ounce to replace 15 ppm of L-cysteine in high protein flours. This aggressive relaxer is ideal for sheeting lines and pizza doughs.


EZ Stretch Tortilla

A natural replacement for L-cysteine based on protease. Use to replace L-Cysteine or Sodium Metabisulfite in flours.

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Label-friendly dough conditioners and extraordinary enzyme technology that master the Art of Baking.

Clean. Simple. World-class ingredients. Our baking solutions positively impact your bakery's bottom-line while meeting the consumer's cravings for a clean label lifestyle.


Bakery-worthy Solutions. Performance as Promised.


Trusted since 1946, REPCO has earned a global reputation for serving goodness. At REPCO Bakery Solutions, we work very closely with bakers to strategically develop innovative baking solutions that bring exceptional texture, extended shelf life, and astonishing simplicity to delicious baked goods. REPCO is positioned to meet your blending requirements while providing the highest degree of service, reliability and outstanding customer support.


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