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Supporting healthy living, Non GMO ingredients are from crops that have not been altered using genetic engineering or DNA manipulation techniques.

Artisan Bake 275

Artisan Bake 275 is a custom Non GMO dough conditioner formulated to produce high sugar doughs; brioches, sweet rolls, and hot dog and hamburger buns.


SR 250 Conditioner

This powdered enzyme conditioner enables the replacement of SSL (E481) in yeast raised products. Bakers will achieve the same dough conditioning and anti-staling properties without the necessity of declaring SSL on the label.



Non GMO enzyme blend of anti-staling components for breads. This blend will keep breads softer over shelf life.


Ultimate ESL 100

Non GMO Ultimate ESL 100 Non GMO is a Non GMO preparation that uses innovative technology for extending shelf life up to 21+ days after baking. Ultimate ESL 100 improves dough strength, resilience and crumb structure with minimal processing adjustments

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Label-friendly dough conditioners and extraordinary enzyme technology that master the Art of Baking.

Clean. Simple. World-class ingredients. Our baking solutions positively impact your bakery's bottom-line while meeting the consumer's cravings for a clean label lifestyle.


Bakery-worthy Solutions. Performance as Promised.


Trusted since 1946, REPCO has earned a global reputation for serving goodness. At REPCO Bakery Solutions, we work very closely with bakers to strategically develop innovative baking solutions that bring exceptional texture, extended shelf life, and astonishing simplicity to delicious baked goods. REPCO is positioned to meet your blending requirements while providing the highest degree of service, reliability and outstanding customer support.


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