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Bakery-worthy Solutions. Performance as Promised.

Tortilla Flex™ by REPCO Bakery Solutions by REPCO Bakery Solutions

Clean. Simple. World-class ingredients. Our baking solutions positively impact your bakery's bottom-line while meeting the modern consumer's cravings for a clean label lifestyle.

Tortilla Flex TM  is a blend of distilled monoglycerides, enzymes and calcium carbonate that provides extensibility, rollability and softness of tortillas.

EZ Stretch 400 TM is a natural replacement for L-cysteine. Use rate is one ounce to replace 15 ppm of L-cysteine in high protein flours. This aggressive relaxer is ideal for sheeting lines and pizza doughs.

SR 250 – Non GMO, replaces SSL (sodium stearoyl lactylate)

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